Scale your Online Business to the Last Mile

Instant delivery or pickup for online shops with the help of local stores

Collaborate with Local Partners to Enter the Market of Instant Delivery

The NOW Platform offers the possibility for online shop owners to offer instant / sameday delivery or pickup by cooperating with local shop owners. Our software is the hub to connect to multiple local businesses and give them the chance to fulfill every order

During checkout the local availability of products in cart is evaluated in realtime. If products are available for instant delivery or pickup the customer gets further options to receive the goods even faster.

So online business can participate at a hyperlocal market of sameday or instant delivery without the need to change their processes or build up last mile infrastructure.

Our widgets integrate seamlessly in webshop checkouts and direct the customer to a separate sameday checkout.

The Mediawaves NOW Platform connects with different webshop systems, multiple local carriers and offers a wide range of configuration management. With connected platform payment solutions we take care of splitting the funds between you and your local partners.

How it works

  • Find local partners overlapping product portfolio
  • Integrate our widget to your checkout
  • Configure instant delivery / pickup in certain areas & certain times
  • Onboard your local partners
  • Start collecting orders for instant deliveries
  • Receive commissions from your local partners

From Order to Delivery in Few Hours

Let local partners process your online shop orders


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